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Create Jobs in Responsible forestry and agriculture
Prevent Forest Fires
Increase Revenues for public schools and services

Sue Kuehl Pederson wants to increase revenues for schools through resources of the public lands
Sue Kuehl Pederson wants to reduce the number of forest fires each summer in Washington State
Sue Kuehl Pederson wants to creat jobs in responsible forestry

For over 30 years, we've witnessed the gradual shutdown of our Public Lands. Our Forests have been left unmanaged, with too many large trees close together. This causes disease to spread easily, and forest fires get too hot and dangerous to put out. The result is air pollution and carbon emissions that continue for weeks, causing potential health issues and climate impacts. 

Runaway fires also damage our vulnerable natural resources, which our state Constitution designates should be managed to earn revenues for our public schools and other services. The current Commissioner has wasted the renewable natural resources under her purview and instead wanted to tax citizens an additional $65 million annually to fight fires, rather than thinning out our forests to prevent fires while also earning revenues from timber. 


Our Public Lands need to be opened up and better managed. We have the tools to do this; we need to use them to improve our economy, our health, and our schools. 

making decisions about forest lands
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